When to use Thermally Modified Wood

AWCo products are an excellent natural option for wood applications for the interior and exterior. Thermally modified wood is suited for siding, flooring, decking, window and door manufacturing and much more. Products made of thermally modified wood will have limited expansion and contraction and will still take stain and paint like standard wood products. 

  • MADE IN USA: AWCo indigenous products are made in the United States have the look of tropical materials.
  • INTERIOR & EXTERIOR GRADE: AWCo can fill the need for a wood produced to your specifications for both interior and exterior applications. 

Where to use Thermally modified wood

Thermally modified wood can be used in an abundant array of applications, though some of the most popular are in external applications where moisture and humidity would compromise a lesser grade material.

  • INTERIOR FLOORING: The color change of the thermally modified wood is especially useful in the flooring industry since it can be used to emulate tropical wood species.

Improved aesthetics and durability can be reached with many indigenous wood species to replace more expensive tropical wood species and move to more environmentally conscious domestic source.