AWCo works with the client to find the correct thermal modification temperature ideal for the look and performance for their project. The process begins with procuring wood from sustainable forests. After the wood is kiln dried to a consistent moisture content, the next step is to thermally modify the timber which enhances the performance and gives the native species an exotic, darker look. Finally, the material is milled to profiles that work for exterior decking, and siding, as well as interior flooring.



AWCo Siding uses wood species form North Central USA that have been modified to be outdoor ready.  A new look and performance standard to the exterior wood siding market.  



AWCo has an offering of decking profiles that highlight different species that can be modified at higher or lower temperatures to add to their color pallet.



AWCo provides exceptional exterior grade products, though we also lovethe indoors. AWCo can provide custom interior flooring applications. The modification brings a rich new look to native woods, and high performance levels for residential and commercial flooring.